Beam Parklands Storytelling Events Super Success!

Following the outstanding success of last and this years events Imaginary Ordinary will be back at The Land Trust site Beam Parklands in Dagenham again this month storytelling to over 300 children as part of this exciting and innovative project!


To find out more and see me in action as 'Ellie the Explorer' take a look at the video from last years event or have a read of the article written about the event in the Barking and Dagenham Post.


The Drama Bridge - Storytelling Day made by www.youfilmyourown.co.uk

CBT and Creative Arts Therapy: An integrative approach

Imaginary Ordinary is now able to offer Cognitive Behavioral and Creative Therapy workshops and projects to schools, community and social venues. This innovative way of working increases the emotional health and wellbeing of participants using the highly researched psychological treatment of choice within the NHS delivered in a creative and engaging way. Offering a range of workshops Lisa and Jenna can engage even the most reluctant participants in taking positive steps towards improving their mental health and continued emotional wellbeing.


To find out more and see testimonials from previous participants please see the Dramatherapist page and get in touch.

Working with Trauma and Offering Creative Supervision

Imaginary Ordinary is now trained in using creative approaches to work with victims of trauma and in a supervisory role.


Following training with world renown psychologist and psychotrauma specialist Mooli Lahad Lisa can now use Creative Therapy Techniques to treat adults and children who are suffering for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The techniques which utilise Eye Movement Desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) approaches has been successfully used by NATO services to treat both military personnel and civilians who have been traumatised by their experiences of war.


Lisa has also developed skills in offering creative supervision to creative therapists and a range of staff and carers who support vulnerable adults and young people in schools, community and social settings.

About me...

Northampton based Imaginary Ordinary offer group and individual dramatherapy and bespoke projects and workshops to schools, community and charity groups in all aspects of the theatrical arts including:



Writing for performance

My name is Lisa Shepherd and I am a theatre practitioner, writer, comedian and dramatherapist who is passionate about the power of the creative arts to educate, communicate and heal.


'Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will'

George Bernard Shaw


An experienced facilitator I design and deliver unique projects and workshops to fulfill the aims and requirements of the group I am working with. By creating a safe and inspiring learning environment participants who take part in my workshops see their creativity shine and as they let their imaginations soar.


'Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement'

Sir Ken Robinson

On the following pages you will find information about my education and work experience, my work as a creative practioner and dramatherapist and a gallery of images and testimonials from previous projects I have delivered.

For further information and to find out what Imaginary Ordinary can offer you  please contact me and either myself or one of my foam faced puppet friends will be in touch!


'Lisa provided storytelling and puppetry for an outdoor event held in Beam Parklands which was attended for over 300 year 3 and 4 children. The concept of the day was to launch some newly installed wooden animal sculptures into public awareness and to promote the park as a place for children and families to visit. From our initial meeting Lisa was positive and forthcoming with creative ideas for the project. She was commissioned to create and perform an original story to present to the children on the theme of the animals and their environment. The result was an imaginative and magical story which was performed in an engaging and entertaining way. The story was pitched just right for the target audience who adored the character of 'Ellie the Explorer'. Lisa's performance and subsequent puppetry and facilitation was excellent and many people who attended the event praised her talent and skill highly. For any future Drama Bridge event I would not hesitate to book Imaginary Ordinary'

Luisa Frisenda, Creative Director, The Drama Bridge


Lisa led a puppet making group with our SEN children for Chinese New Year. The children collaborated on making a Chinese dragon, which they then danced with in the afternoon. The whole day was perfectly pitched and the children loved taking ownership of the project. Lisa worked hard at keeping these challenging children engaged, and ensured there was a real sense of achievement for them.

Thanks so much for making the whole day a rewarding and fun experience for the children!

Em Shaw, Teacher, Kings Meadow School


'Thank you Lisa for all your hard work this year. It has been a pleasure to see the children grow in confidence and their end of year performance was amazing, showing that they have transferred the skills they developed in your workshops to other aspects of their lives. I am thinking about next year already and wondering if we can continue with a new set of pupils'

Sally Gedney, Head Teacher, Parklands Primary School

'Working with Lisa I achieved what I challenged myself to do and I am very proud and excited by that. Learning new theatre skills was really useful in helping me improve my English and I love acting. Lisa helped me to feel more confident and at home here in the UK, I want to be an actress in the future and now that dream feels like it is a real possibility'

ESOL student, Northampton College

'The Move, make and do session Lisa facilitated was perfect for grown ups and children to do together. What a lovely idea of mixing crafts and drama, Lisa was incredibly friendly and warm. I will definitely tell my friends!'

Parent, Puppetry Performance, Royal & Derngate Theatre


'Thank you Lisa for all your hard work last term. The children really enjoyed the sessions and we loved the range of exciting resources and props you used with the children. It was lovely watching them work with the masks and we also enjoyed the variety offered through each session i.e prop making, script planning etc. It was also good to see them working together to evaluate their own work and the work of others. Often many of these elements are missed in the general curriculum so well done Lisa'

Hazel Johnson, Head Teacher, Polebrook Primary School


'I loved playing with the puppets!'

Student, Polebrook Primary School

'Puppetry is a form of clear communication, without the need of words. It’s a great way to break down barriers and helps children get over fears of performing on stage. It also shows children the different methods of communication and that it’s not just one way; not just a voice, or hands, but expression, which is used in everything.

Lisa has treated all the children as individuals, learning about the different ways they communicate. This makes the children very excited when they arrive, as they are full of ideas before the workshop starts. The communication fears have gone, and they don’t feel like an outsider. Lisa embraces all their ideas, encouraging the children to develop skills they didn’t know they already had, such as story development for their puppets and taking words from their own creative imagination and putting it into reality. For deaf children, this is a rare event. They can feel proud of the final package, because they’ve created it, through developing the skills of puppetry and personal communication with Lisa. The exciting feeling from within comes out – the ability to say something’s your own and to show it off – to get a big well done'

Rose-Ann O'Malley OBE, Co-ordinator, Talking With Hands Youth Group

'New friends, new skills, new puppet! I enjoyed from this project; I made a puppet, created a creature, made new friends, learned new stuff and actually enjoyed going to school again!'

Student, Bacin Hospital and Outreach Pupil Referral Unit


'Working with Lisa the pupils developed new skills in puppetry, grew in confidence and built on their social skills. It was amazing how the students took on the characters of the puppets and how some of the characteristics of the puppets were actually those of the pupils themselves'

Cheryl Powell, Teacher, Bacin Hospital and Outreach Pupil Referral Unit


'Since the comedy project one pupil has been allocated a bicycle by the college and he is trying to increase his fitness levels. Another has jumped from a level 3 to a level 5. I think she always had the ability but not the confidence to let go. A student who had never been particularly outgoing has joined the college and local football teams and grown in his confidence and self-belief. A formally quiet pupil has performed for the first time for her class in a voice we managed to hear and a pupil who experiences difficulties being in the classroom has just worked so hard on her drama project. She led other pupils using some of the techniques from the comedy project and has been confident in her performing. She has just gained a level 6 in her work. I believe all the young people’s confidence and self-esteem has increased dramatically since working alongside Lisa'

Mandy Weatherall, Head of Drama, Kirk Hallam School

'Lisa is a joy to work with. She is always well organised and takes care to ensure all aspects of her work are safe, engaging and fun for those involved. She brings a wonderful energy with her wherever she goes and we will certainly miss having her around'

Stella Harrington-Keeton MA, Manager, Churchfields Residential Home


'Lisa is really good fun. She makes us laugh! I made a crocodile puppet, took it to the puppet festival and showed lots of children. I felt really proud'

Resident, Churchfields Residential Home

'I got to gunge a nasty pirate! It was funny! Everybody took part and we had a really fun day'

Resident, Churchfields Residential Home


'I can't believe this group sat quietly for 45 minutes and listened to a story. All the club members and staff were captivated! Thank you Lisa'
Anne Rolfe, Organiser, Dengie Social Group